The Great American Alligator Museum



People are fascinated with the American Alligator because of their reputation as fearsome beasts and symbols of an ancient past living today. Every day, one reads another story about a large alligator intruding into ordinary lives. The Great American Alligator Museum in New Orleans exists to showcase all aspects of the American Alligator: scientific modern and fossil specimens, alligators in folk art, unusual household items, vintage leather goods, movies, and toys. Remarkably, no other museum in the world pays homage to the American Alligator. We hope that the museum will expand everyone’s view of the Alligator beyond the sensational stories in the news and expose the many ways the American Alligator has become a part of American culture.



Shortly after starting his wholesale Alligator souvenir business, Robert was struck with “gator-itus”, a fascination with everything related to Alligators. He started collecting alligator-related artifacts in the early 90’s and as the collection grew, wanted to share his unique and quirky collection with others. Preparations to open the museum were fully underway by August 2005, but were thwarted by Hurricane Katrina, postponing the October 2005 opening date indefinitely. After Katrina, he decided to put the plans on the back burner while focusing on his wholesale business. As New Orleans continues its path toward recovery, he feels this is the perfect time to open the museum to the public.